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Monthly Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Shared before all meetings:

Land Acknowledgement: Umatilla, Walla Walla, Cayous, Wanapum, Nez Perce, Yakima, and Other Peoples and Nations


We want to begin by respectfully acknowledging that this meeting is being held on the occupied traditional lands of the several peoples in our area, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.

We pay our respect to elders both past and present.


We do this to offer recognition, respect, and gratitude for their resilience. 

We also intentionally counter the impact of the doctrine of discovery with the truth about the human beings who were already here and who continue to resist the impact of colonization and to fight to sustain their culture and people. 

We know it is insufficient simply to acknowledge the land we occupy.


We commit to centering the voices, leadership, and solutions of indigenous people in our communities and around the world.


We stand in solitary with indigenous people who are leading the fight to protect our planet’s biodiversity across the globe.


We encourage you to support indigenous led organizations, to buy native, and to integrate the essential voices of indigenous people in your lives all year long. 


Silence for those impacted by Racism, White Nationalism, Covid and Poverty

Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition 

Meeting Agenda – June 13th, 2022 6:30 to 8:00pm  

Zoom link: Meeting ID: 828 9950 5768t Passcode: 969392 


   Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice [Text Wrapping Break] 


Land Acknowledgment and Appreciation of Indigenous Culture—Volunteer 

Announce we are recording this meeting  

Approve minutes from May 9th, 2022 

Confirm notetaker  

Introductions and Names  

Attendees: Vivian Terrell, Carl Baker, Diane Sundvik, Odalys Gonzalez, Durga, Virginia T, Mickey Beary, Shreya Mehta, Izaiah,  


Celebrate 120,000 acres returned to the Yakama Nation last month 

Acknowledge that this is only a portion of the land stolen from them 

Remember Hangman’s Creek Incident in Spokane 


Appreciation of Indigenous Culture 

We spent a lot of time sparring in a traditional style that was once done with stone knives. The rules of engagement are that you can only cut your opponent on the arms, shoulders, or back (extremely difficult to do) and—here’s the kicker—at the end of the fight the winner must be cut up the same as the loser, so that nobody can walk away with a grudge. It’s hard enough to cut somebody on the back with a stone knife when they’re trying to do the same to you, but it’s even harder when you know that every time you cut them you’re really just cutting yourself. In our yarns following these sessions we decided this kind of combat forces you to see your enemy’s point of view, and by the end of it you can no longer be opponents because you’re  

connected by mutual respect and understanding (page 30).  

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World  

by Tyson Yunkaporta 


Guest Speakers—Vivian 

Juneteenth: Organizer Charvella McGary 

Juneteenth is this weekend Saturday 18th- 

Looking for volunteers- Entertainment for the children, check in, vendors,  

Set up 8am break down at 6pm Specifically 12-4 


Sign up here: Tri-Cities Juneteenth Community Council: Juneteenth Fun Day Event Saturday 6-18-2022 ( 


2022 Action Plan Update—Shreya 


  1. Interactive Public Meeting Team —Vivian 

Reports from meetings attended by coalition members  

-BFT is looking to cut transit jobs and reduce sales tax 

-March For Our Lives: reported 200 people turnouts. Plan to support ore ahead of time- Students. Pay a stipend to someone to help with our social media. Suggestion: Add exact distance to flyer so folks can plan accordingly.  


B. Recruit students—Shreya 


C. Manage our website and email communications—Carl seeks a 

volunteer: Carl recruit college students (for example from the League of United Latin American Citizens LULAC). Offer a quarterly (every two months?) gift card to thank a volunteer.  

Virginia can lead on someone to help with social media/website. She will check in with him. Updates next meeting. Can he integrate social media and website? 

Carl- will also check in with Sierra Gormsen-- 


D. Invite speakers to our meetings each month or occasionally 

All of us, bringing your names of possible visitors to the Leadership Team 

Mickey- Has lead on a guest speaker for next month. Enoka Herat, ACLU Police Practices and Immigration Counsel Regarding Klippert attempting to increase mass incarceration & other laws that happened after George Floyd.  

Send letter to the editor about gun safety; Durga shared Izaiah’s speech at March For Our Lives TC with someone who wants to write an article about it for TCH or OpEd- Read Letters to the Editor | Tri-City Herald 


E. Write specific issues that arise —Shreya 

 Volunteers: Rick, Mickey, Shreya, Sabiha, and Laura.  


F. RE&SJ Trainers start training Why Race Matters curriculum—Naima, Lynn, Virginia, Durga, Rick, etc. 


Educating Ourselves and Others—Vivan 

Teaching Moment abt. Juneteenth — Vivian 


Responding to Incidents of Racism or Injustice—Izaiah  

March for Our Lives, Report & Lessons — Izaiah 


Proactively Addressing Systems of Oppression—Vivian 

Pride Festival/Banner Report- Amazing turnout for the petition signing. Signed over 12 pages (25 people each)  


Juneteenth table- Gather more signatures. Durga will set up and secure a volunteer for the petition table Izaiah possibly attend. Vivian will Submit the form tomorrow.  


Urban Poets Society Fundraiser Report-  


Closing Business—Shreya  

Finance Report $510 

Summer gathering: July 9th – Stay tuned for confirmation and other details  

Odalys & Shreya will look for a park where we can meet.  

Honey Baked Ham to cater? Pitch in money for food.  

Shreya will create a RSVP form.  





June 1-19th African American Art Display @ Pasco Library 

June 18th Fun Day @ Kurtzman Park 10am-6pm, 331 South Wehe St., Pasco (Including a stop by the Seahawks 12 tour, meet the new Seahawks! If) 

June 19th Father’s Day Gospel Music Celebration 2pm @ Kurtzman Park  

Volunteering link: 


6/14 @ 6 Richland School District Meeting 

6/22 Kennewick School District Meeting 





Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition 

Facebook: Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition - Tri-Cities, WA 

Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition

Meeting Agenda - March 14, 2022 6:30 to 8:00pm 

Zoom link:


   Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice 


“Acknowledging the World in Disarray”—Volunteer

Announce we are recording this meeting 

Approve minutes from February 14, 2022

Confirm notetaker 

Introductions and name 


Land and Acknowledgment of the World in Disarray:

Before we get started I’d like to take a moment to center us and acknowledge that while we are convened virtually, we are all still physically somewhere and the land on which we occupy matters. The history of the land, its gifts, its original inhabitants and stewards matter. I am currently on the invaded, unceded land of the —————————-Tribe and the connected tribes of this region, who in all their beauty, love, and strength continue to resist oppression and colonization.


Too often as people, we participate in anti-indegenity and indigenous erasure in our disconnection from the history of the places we occupy and the ongoing plight of our indigenous siblings in their struggle for honored sovereignty, access to their land/ life ways and too often their basic humanity. While Indigenous folks are the victims of America’s first sin, let us be reminded of the power and resiliency of indigenous people around the world as we reflect on our ancestral roots, power and solidarity. Let us all participate in our own and collective decolonization in order to remember and embrace our own indigenous roots. And let us continue to take real action in support of indigenous elders and leaders in their efforts for land back, removal of harmful mascots and imagery acknowledging and fighting for the Missing and murdered  indigenous women and people in our communities and at large and also the protection of our planet's biodiversity and their methods of healing and truth telling, We must acknowledge the historical and modern trauma inflicted on indigenous communities as a result of racism and settler colonialism.


We also want to acknowledge that in addition to a history of attempted Indigenous genocide, the story of the United States includes chattel slavery. Much of what we know as America was built by forced labor of enslaved people. Anti-Blackness has been baked into laws that allowed for slavery, Jim Crow, the prison industrial complex, and is ever present today. Given this context, non-Black folks must actively work towards dismantling anti-Blackness, as well as fight for and pay reparations.


I'd also like to acknowledge the ongoing reality of stolen and occupied land and the history and ongoing practice of settler colonialism that takes place domestically in US territories and also abroad, and the opportunity to recognize how larger systems of power and privilege are interconnected internationally and as we work toward practicing decolonization here we stand in solidarity with  folks around the globe

We have an opportunity to acknowledge all these things and more and to recognize how we have been complicit in upholding systems of violence and power and take part in the responsibility of divesting and dismantling them. I ask that you join me in holding all these things together


Now that we are holding a lot of heavy I wanted to provide an additional offerings, the from the Talmud:

"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”


2022 Action Plan Progress Report 


  1. Interactive Public Meeting Team—Vivian, Virginia, Carl, Mickey, Irene                                               Proactively interact with school districts, city councils, board of county commissioners, and the state legislature, and bring observations back to this group. Tri-Cities DEI Council members? St. Paul’s members? 


B. Recruit at least one student from each district—high priority—March and April—Shreya

Volunteer to Recruit: Shreya and Irene 

Create a Student Representative position on the Leadership Team and on the Coalition. Approach members of clubs. Honey Baked Store meeting. Rick will try to be present. Be supportive to current student clubs


C. Manage our website—ongoing—Carl 

Volunteer sought to give Durga much needed support: Carl to recruit college students from the League of United Latin American Citizens LULAC. Offer a quarterly (every two months?) gift card to thank a volunteer. 


D. Invite speakers to our meetings each month or occasionally

A team to find speakers education, informational (events), networking ongoing. All of us, bringing your names of possible visitors to the Leadership Team Ukraine Crisis—TBA


E. Write specific issues that arise—Mickey or Laura 

Such as a second Op-ed rational that is calm informative and letter to the editor. Volunteers:  Rick, Mickey, Shreya , Rick will ask Laura Pearson and Sabiha, who helped write the previous op-ed piece.


F. RE&SJ Trainers start training Why Race Matters curriculum—Noemi, Lynn, Virginia, etc.



Organize ourselves to advocate to the state legislature (next session is in 

January 2023)—Fall

Work with FAN and Washington Coalition for Police Accountability

Carl: PRO SB5688 

Talk on a weekly basis all year long. As a group a day at the capital. 

Racial Justice Day at the Capital  



Identify and speak to individuals discriminated against e.g. hate crimes—Any One? Volunteers... ongoing 


Participate in groups where we are not represented—ongoing



Print our logo on an all weather banner—Durga and Rick 

Feedback on First Draft 


Focus on anti-racists agenda—ongoing continuing education   

All of us





Educating Ourselves and Others—Noemi 

    Teaching Moment—Noemi

    Red Cross and Sickle cell anemia


Responding to Incidents of Injustice and Racism—Shreya

    Visiting Student 


Proactively Addressing Systems of Unfairness and Oppression—Vivian

    Women’s March in March: We need a representative to attend planning 

    meetings, as per Amber Rodriquez’s update—Vivian 


Closing Business—Rick

    Finance Report

    Printing Why Race Matters and RE&J fliers—TBA 

    Discuss whether to meet in person or via zoom 



    Next Meeting April 11 at 6:30pm

    June fundraiser for Urban Poets Society—brochure 

    Poetry Slam April 13 at 7:00pm Hanford High School 



Meeting Notes from October 18, 2021


Facebook: Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition – Tri-Cities, WA.

Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice


Welcome -Noemi

Approval of minutes from September 13, 2021

-Motion -Diane S.

- 2 nd – Carl B.

*Mentioned that we do not have to “approve and vote”

-Motion passes

People and Land acknowledgement

Confirm Notetaker

-Autumn Lawr


-No new members

Education Ourselves and Others -Rick M.

Report on sending op-ed Critical Race Theory Q &A -Sabiha

-Talked to reporter that she submitted it

-Election staff

-Publish before election- Reporter stated she would try and publish it

-Send a copy to RE&SJ members?

-Wait to send copy until published in newspaper

Facilitating training for a local congregation -Durga

- Durga not present at meeting but other members who attended spoke about it.

-Durga gave presentation at Shalom United Church of Christ

- Vivian shared personal experiences/stories.

-Covert racism in the Tri Cities. Most do not know or see

-Training occurred at 11:30 - after church service

-Training lasted 1 hour.

-Church wrote a check- deposited it into St. Paul’s account for us to use


-Lora R. and Mickey B. -Went well. People engaged. Commenting on local racism that some did not

know about or how bad it was in the Tri-Cities

RE&SJ Group watched YouTube video Understanding How Laws Encourage Violence/ History of MMIW

(M= Missing, M= Murdered, I =Indigenous, W= Women)

-Red Hand Over Mouth =Symbol for MMIW

-Equity Club for Students at Hanford HS

-Conference for other students

-December or January

-Local Tri-Cities H.S.

-Volunteers to speak

-Trainers willing to come and train other HS

-HHS (?) very interested

-Learning about racism is a privilege- we are fortunate

-Trauma macro/micro lens

-Not always asking people who are marginalized- can be traumatizing

-Be cognizant of stories from people

Responding to Incidents of Injustice and Racism -Shreya

-Table until next meeting

Proactively Addressing Systems of Unfairness and Oppression -Vivian

-Promoting candidates

-Candidate Chaune Fitzgerald

-Met w/ Vivian’s group

-Received a lot of online negative comments

-Visibility- Leslie and Gage, Queensgate

-She needs help w/ Thank You cards

-Ginger Wireman, Danica Garcia, Kate Moran, Elizabeth Vann-Clark, Erin Steinert, Scott Rodgers,

Marianne Boring, Amy Freeman-Phillips, Nikki Torrez, Craig Maloney, Jessica Wadsworth, Don Brittan, Steve

Lee, Jason Lohr, Jane Hagarty

-Save the Date-

-15, 16,17 Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Diversity Conference

Closing Business- Vivian

-Financial Report -Rick

-Our Coalition has money


-$4,500 grant + donations (from Shalom church talk)

-For paid trainers, books about how to facilitate racial trainings

-We have received other donations

-Look for a treasurer in the future

-Volunteers to participate in ACCESS Meet and Greet (Leonard and Vanessa)

-29 th of October

-ZOOM Meet and Greet

-Starts at 7:30

-3 Course dinner sent to your house

-Dinner delivered between 5:00 and 7:00

-Opportunity to talk to their group

-Please RSVP by the end of tonight

-Please include name and address

-Vivian will represent DELTA and RE&SJ groups


TO DO- Vivian

-Speak to Lora about church 24 th of October

-People helping Chaune Fitzgerald

-Shreya- Volunteer to speak for her HS group


NEXT MEETING -Monday November 8, 2021 @ 6:30 PM ZOOM

Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2021


Facebook: Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition -Tri Cities, WA

Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice


Minutes -Adopted

Land Acknowledgement -read by Father Rick Matters

Introductions from Members

-How are you?

-Any racial equity/ social justice issues?



Critical Race Theory Q and A-

-Sabiha -OP ED -different narrative

-Several people working on it

-Q and A format

-Too many signers can cause OP ED not to be published

-2 people sign the OP ED

-Other like-minded support groups can support the OP ED without signing it

-New system at Kennewick School District

-Principal at Kamiakin deleted Land Occupation Acknowledgement at meeting with Racial Equity

Student Group


-Related to Critical Race Theory – Racism dog whistle

-Nation wide

-August 27 and 28 at CBC campus

-small group of attendees

-2 different news crews to come out

-Able to talk about issue

-People saying bad things about us is the name of the game

-White Niceness – Don’t rock the boat

-Action Steps-

-We need to get training out there


- Shalom

-Racial Justice segment at church

-5 minute video discussions

-2 weeks from now

-Paid the person

-Suggestion of using someone from our group


-get trainers together

-Non-white person speaks- pay them

-White person speaking – do not pay (make a donation??)

-September 26 th at 12:00



How do we advertise about our training?

Student Equity Club

-Starting this year

-New students are interested in joining

-Group talks to S.E.C.

Action schools can take for …


-(last year) Hanford H.S. Spirit Rock vandalized

-Swastika and water thrown on Pride flag

How do we get school district(s) to take action?

-Healthy Youth survey

-Bullying/Intimidation survey

-Incidents reported but not officially documented

GSA- Does Hanford have a GSA group?

School Climate Survey and OSPI

-Correlates anything reported to the police

-Some LGBTQ do not report to police

Decide whether to push back to Talk Radio station (KONA) -Vivian

- 3 to 5 PM

-Critical Race Theory

-Talk Radio show

-One of us needs to be on Talk Radio as a supporter of the other side



Supporting and promoting specific candidates

-Durga- a list of different candidates

Do we have the capacity/ desire to align with one or some candidates?

Vivian -Support

-Mixer at the Richland library

-up to each person individually

Have we asked candidates if that is what they want?

-Red-areas – it can backfire if endorsed from progressive groups

-Let’s skip the endorsement idea- just support candidates at this time

-Ideas for support of a candidate- Personal word of mouth, letters to the editor, donations to the

candidate, candidate’s sign in yard, contact candidate, literature

Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition

Meeting Minutes - June 14, 2021


Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice 



Approve May 10 minutes - meeting was able to happen even without Carl, Zoom

host, present.

Responding to Incidents of Injustice and Racism—Rick

School Incident Possibly to Address


Connell School Situation - there were students shouting (chanting) racial slurs

from the bleachers against black students from Zillah. The Connell athletes have

been disciplined - they cannot participate in any post-season play, fans are banned,

and need to participate in diversity training. Connell athletic director took no

action, but the event was recorded. The school was fined $1000 and athletes (boys

and girls basketball) were placed on probation. This was not the first time this has

happened. (But we aren't sure about the acuracy of that info.)

We should contact them and volunteer our services (the trained members of

this group). (Vivian)

We could consider writing an article for the paper, either commending them

for action or calling them out for lack of it. (Rick)

Suggestion for the school district be contacted ASAP so it could be

incorporated into the pre-school days for school staff


Proactively Addressing Systems of Unfairness and Oppression—Shreya

Equity Recognitions for Schools Update—Shreya

Not a big response to Shreya’s Google Form; request to share it with our social

media contacts:

Report Associated Student Body (KSD) Offensive Posters—Sabiha

Poster was hung on Sabiha's door for Teacher Appreciation that had a Confederate

flag on it. The student came to apologize and said he had no clue what he was

doing, though he claims to be a history buff. He asked what he could do to make

her feel better, and she suggested the Diversity and Equity training for their

leadership class. Sabiha got two dates for September so it will happen by Zoom or

in-person. This is at Kamiakin High School.

Confronting those Opposed to Critical Race Theory—Sabiha

One assignment that involved a privilege walk has stirred up conversation. The

conversation is on-going. Laura was asked to meet the parents with principal in


their office. She was prepared because she expected parents to be asking about it.

She expects more conversations about it.

The school took this class away from Laura in the fall, even though she

created it. Likely because she is teaching Critical Race Theory.

There is an ultra-conservative group in WA putting full-page ads in some of the

newspapers trying to talk down Critical Race Theory. It’s now been politicized.

Could we create a task force - a group to come up with ideas to address this

offline. We need to talk about the issue and come up with a strategy to address it.

Tri-City Herald Article on Social Justice Class—Shreya

There was pushback from some parents whose kids signed up for this class, when

they found out it was being absorbed into a sociology class.

The sociology teacher is going to teach some of the material, but the dialogue has

been negative.

This class was borne out of student demand. The situation has exposed what it

would be like for there to be review of what's being taught by the

community/parents. Feels like the district is kicking the can - saying they're going

to do something and not actually doing it.

Encourage parents that it's okay to question what’s going on and to raise their


Students complained about lack of diversity in instructors for training. Naima and

Lynn have been added as instructors. Good job!

Campaign Promoting Teaching Real History (CRT)—Rick (covered above)

Invite other groups to send us information so we can promote their events—Shreya

Educating Ourselves and Others—Vivian 

Juneteenth Observance on Friday June 18 and Saturday June 19 @ Kurtzman’s Park

1865 - two years after slavery ended, Texans didn't know until June 19, 1865,

which is why that's the day

Learning: Greenwood Tulsa Massacre:—Sherya

Report on Racial Equity and Social Justice Training Cohort

5 members of the group went through extensive training to become qualified as

racial equity trainers - “Why Race Matters”

The last step is to decide how much to charge for these trainings, who will take the

calls, etc.


Report on Facebook: Send items to one of the leadership team


(Lora) League of Women Voters Event: June 16 @ 2pm, webinar on " For the

People Act" which will get a vote in the U.S. Senate next week (the week of June


(Lora) Shalom UCC - last Sunday of the month, 12:30pm on Zoom for 30

minutes, talking about racial justice and diversity - they would like to have

someone from RE & SJ speak on any topic - trying to schedule for upcoming


(Sabiha) Need questions for School Board candidate forums - deadline is July 8 -

send questions to Sabiha

(Lynn) TCD&IC will host a Zoom webinar for local small businesses and

entrepreneurs! Jump Start Your Teams DEI Learning Journey! DEI 101:

Establishing a Common Language. Monday 6/28 at Noon OR 6/29 at 6pm.

Gratefully brought to you with funding provided by the Washington State

Microenterprise Association and WA State Department of Commerce.

(Carl) Gathering signatures for a single-payer healthcare system in WA - I-1362 -

petitions for Walla Walla, Benton, and Franklin counties



        Review Commitments and To Do's

        Next Meeting July 12 at 6:30pm @ Carl's house


Notes/To Do’s for July

Contact the Connell school district to offer training services in response to the

specific instance (in pursuit of education and changing the system) - Laura will

reach out to the school district to begin this work

Send out an invite to the whole list to see if we can have a couple of meetings - a

task force - to talk about Critical Race Theory and how to address it in schools.

Send out an invite to speak at Shalom UCC (contact Lora - info above)

Send invite for weekly FAN emails

Meeting Minutes - May 10, 2021

Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition of the Tri-Cities


Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice 


Responding to Incidents of Injustice and Racism—Vivian

Input from CBV (Collective Black Voices)—Vivian

Proactively Addressing Systems of Unfairness and Oppression—Shreya 

Franklin County Voting Districts—Diana 

On April 22, UCLA officially filed a lawsuit against Franklin County, against the voting

districts, that the Latino vote is being diluted. Under the WA voting rights statute.

Columbia Legal Services is trying to get community voice toward the lawsuit.

Community at large can write letters, use the media (letters to the editor), have

community members at the Commissioners meeting.

Teacher Appreciation Week last week - Sabiha

• Sabiha had a sign on her classroom door that had a picture of a confederate flag and

a cannon pointed to her name. The student has not been named, but is tasked with

writing her a letter of apology. She helped start JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity,

and Inclusion) - they will discuss it tomorrow (5/11); she will not be there. They

plan to discuss the event there.

• Need to make sure the teacher signs are approved before they go up on teacher


• KSD has no equity and inclusion training - they need to do this from a social justice

lens (they already do some for Special Ed kids).

• Need to add Muslim holidays to school calendars so that they are representative of

all students and staff.

• Possibility to suggest the student spend an hour with Sabiha and write a reflection

on their time together, and why it was inappropriate.

• Related to the Critical Race Theory being proposed in many schools right now.

Richland Library Display about AAPI—Shreya

Equity club at her school has been helping the Chinese Assoc. of Culture and Arts and

Columbia Arts responding to AAPI stories - on display to go check out. Good lesson on

cultural appropriation. There for the month of May. She will send a flyer.

Equity Recognitions for Schools Update—Shreya 

Cleaned up the form talked about last time. We need to promote this within other

organizations to recognize people in schools that have been doing a good job with equity


work. She will send the info graphic for media shares. Want to recognize hard-working


Volunteers to serve for the Mutual Aid Fund to serve on the approval committee, to enter

data into the spreadsheet and to call back applicants—Mickey Beary.

Need new volunteers for the application committee - people that approve the

applications. Needs to be people of color only. Need people to input the data into the

spreadsheet (doesn't have to be bilingual, helpful to have experience with Xcel). Need

bilingual people (Spanish / English) to call back to let people know they are approved for

a certain amount of money. There is still money that needs to go out. Volunteers will need

to go through orientation. Please share with your organizations. Contact Mickey: (email)

Awards between $150-$500 to people that were not eligible for stimulus money from the

government. Have had 400 apply; accepted over 250 so far. Flyer is outdated (application

period is closed).

Lynn asked about Luchadores del Cambio group. No connection there yet. Mutual Aid

Fund just started doing awards in May 2020.

Sabiha - opportunity for a woman-only COVID prayer vigil, will send more info

Celebration of Community, Diversity, and Culture on August 7 hosted by Tri-Cities

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Goal is to shorten these meetings to an hour.

Richland School Board - there will be a group of parents presenting their disappointment

about the cancelled Diversity Class at tomorrow’s meeting (5/11)

Educating Ourselves and Others—Vivian 

Learning Video “Defunding Vs. Abolishing The Police Explained In 6 Minutes”—Vivian

Report on Racial Equity and Social Justice Training Cohort

Report on Webpage Share Screen Webpage

Contributing Content 

Report on Facebook—Laura McLeon

Send items to one of the leadership team

**Website link not on Facebook - need to add this



        Review Commitments and To Do’s

        Next Meeting June 14 at 6:30pm 



Facebook: Racial Equity and Social Justice Coalition—Tri-Cities, WA



Notes/To Do’s from April 2021 Meeting

Rick contact Suhaill et al about DEI trainer for Kennewick School District

Lora send Rick info for signing up for FAN advocacy newsletter

All send info for the Facebook/Webpage to Shreya, Diana, Vivian and/or Rick

Durga and Rick purchase 2 year domain for website

Find process for knowing about and advertising rallies, protests, etc.

Share stories with Diana of impact because of juvenile records becoming unsealed

Diana look for one-pager on juvenile issue that we can send to members

Diana keep us updated on County Voting District issue ACLU suing

Shreya send form to Durga

Laura and Shreya invite students from the new DEI club to join RE&SJ

April 12, 2021 Agenda and Minutes 

6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice 



Agree to record this meeting for use of members for the next 30 days who cannot attend and to verify minutes. 

Introduce Ourselves 

Our Purpose and Three Goals 

Land Acknowledgement—A Volunteer

    Umatilla, Walla Walla, Cayous, Wanapum, Nez Perce, Yakima, and Other

Peoples and Nations

We want to begin by respectfully acknowledging that this meeting is being held on the occupied traditional lands of the several people in our area, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations. We pay our respect to elders both past and present. We do this to offer recognition, respect, and gratitude for their resilience. 

We also intentionally counter the impact of the doctrine of discovery with the truth about the human beings who were already here and who continue to resist the impact of colonization and to fight to sustain their culture and people. 

We know it is insufficient simply to acknowledge the land we occupy. We commit to centering the voices, leadership, and solutions of indigenous people in our communities and around the world. We stand in solitary with indigenous people who are leading the fight to protect our planet’s biodiversity across the globe. We encourage you to support indigenous led organizations, to buy native, and to integrate the essential voices of indigenous people in your lives all year long. 

Silence for those impacted by: Racism, White Nationalism, Covid, and Poverty

Approve Minutes

Qustion about what is diversity and inclusion council and how differs from us (we are coalition)

Educating Ourselves and Others—Rick 

Webpage—Duga (Alisha Victorine)

Contributing Content: 

Facebook-Laura McLeon

Contributing Content: Classes, Legislation, Events, etc. 

Racial Equity and Social Justice Training Cohort

Learning: Ladder of Inference—Diana

Don’t want to get in loops – Act first: get in the habit of questioning your assumptions and your conclusions don’t respond to your selected data and assumptions (don’t seek to affirm what you already believe). May want to talk privately to the person to check your assumption.


Responding to Incidents of Injustice and Racism—Shreya

AAPI Solidarity   - put this info on our website

Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

Input from CBV (Collective Black Voices)


Proactively Addressing Systems of Unfairness and Oppression—Diana 

Student Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee at Kamiakin—Laura McLeod ; kids started a club, and approved by asb, so now official club; about 17 kids. Invite them to join/attend  this group.

Richland School District DEI—Sabiha Khan  A lot of discomfort ? students working to get Social Justice class back; Sabiha said they dropped it because of DEI, but are hopeful with new people: Rick: we could write a letter. Kenn. Districtd equity committee also frustrated.

Treatment First Bill—Carl Baker

Legislation and Signing Up for FAN Advocacy Updates—Lora Rathbone and Diane Sundvik; many wins- put on our website and work to make sure they are carried out, like school mascots; one action still is For the People Act. A lot of angst about the trainer.

Juvenile Records Sealed—Diana Garcia  Their bill didn’t make it.

Franklin County Voting Districts—Diana  Hadn’t done anything until Jan. Moving very slowly. The ACLU will probably be filing a lawsuit next week.

Equity Recognitions for Schools Update -- Shreya  

March 8, 2021 Meeting Minutes -


Establish Racial Equity and Advocate for Social Justice


Present: Rick Matters, Vivian Terrell, Lynn Carlson, Carl Baker, Naima Chambers-Smith, Jermaine Williams, Sabiha Kahn, Shreya Mehta, Lora Rathbone, Martha Stipe, Diane Sundvik, Kirsten Sauey Hofmann, Durga, Laura McLeon, Sue Nuñez


Welcome—Rick Matters

- Introduced Shreya Mehta as a new Member of the Leadership Team.

- This meeting will be recorded for use of members for the next 30 days who cannot attend and to verify minutes, does everyone consent to the recording.

- Introduction of Members

Opening—Vivian Terrell

Our Purpose

Land Acknowledgement—Diane Sundvik

Approved the Minutes—Vivian Terrell, MSC (Motion, Seconded, Carried)



- Durga connecting with Leadership Team to complete, initial pages are setup

- Naima would like to see the site, especially the event of TC Diversity and Inclusion event, before it goes live

- Please send suggestions/recommendations/input to Durga at

• (Lora) Please include Faith Action Network (Done)

• (Carl) Like the colors; the font size may need to be increased in places like the tabs (Done)

• (Sabiha) what about all the names and symbols and mascots of racism, Can those be listed?(Done)

• (Naima) Change “upcoming events” to “Community Events" (Done)

- Want to match the website and Facebook Page (Done)

- is the working version (it’s still unlisted)

FACEBOOK—Laura McLeon - up and running!



- If you want to be a Page manager, friend Laura on Facebook and she’ll add



Planning to offer training in May - Implicit Bias and Racism training

Learning Moment: Ladder of Inference—Diana and/or Rick ???


• Eventually hoping to incentivize the participation from schools

• Equity audit - hoping to create a draft

• Create awards for schools doing a good job with equity to help motivate

and keep it happening

• Need to develop a way of finding incidents and recognizing them - create

a certificate

• Look at what we know about schools - what is going on? Come up with a

ranking system and look over the list.

• Come back to this next month.

Responding to Incidents of Injustice and Racism


Academic Achievement program is up and running, students are signing

up, soliciting community donations for scholarships for students

There is a flyer on CBV Facebook Page explaining what CBV is,

scholarship program, etc.


Put poster for soliciting donations on Community Events on our webpage

Demonstration in Spokane for the George Floyd court case - where would that

come from in TC? Possibly CBV, or Urban Poets Society, or Black Lives Matter

Coalition, or PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation), or CLAF (_______Against

Facism, Eastern Washington chapter)

Proactively Addressing Systems of Unfairness and Oppression

• Report about Kennewick School District DEI—Suhaill Nunez

- Positive experience, proactive in addressing concerns

- Want to have guest speakers, have the man_____ come in once, diverse guest

speakers come in on rotation

• Richland School District DEI—Sabiha Khan

- Going really slow. In February, Sabiha recommended a land

acknowledgement, Guy Beaver brought it up in March wondering if they

needed permission from the tribes to do it (they don’t)

- RSD has had some history with the tribes in the past - maybe they’re being

cautious? Or delaying?

- 5 Community members on the team, the rest are RSD employees

- Hopefully after March 15 training there will be more progress

- Wondering if they were given a charge or a job when they were formed

• Is there any way we can help make some movement happen on this?

• Set goals, book study, achievement gap, dual language (ideas from KSD)

- Mention Bill 5044

- TCDIC will be offering training to the School Board

• Treatment First Bill—Carl Baker

- Bill did not make it out of committee but ACLU is not giving up

- (Tax money for marijuana to divert people from jail and into treatment


• Legislation—Lora Rathbone and Diane Sundvik

- Going to email info to everyone after the meeting with links for giving input

- Lora going to forward to Rick who will send it out to the group (need to sign

before Thursday, March 11)

- Student well-being is a current issue - there is some money coming forward,

more connected to make sure we test kids to find out where they’re at (not

always effective) - talk to your legislators to say we need more social


workers, counselors, etc. but testing is not necessarily the best way to help

our students with social and emotional growth

- Ask legislators to fund schools like they did last year (numbers from the

previous year don’t reflect what will be needed)

• Juvenile Record Sealing—Diana Garcia (absent - moved to next month)

Closing—Vivian Terrell

Review Commitments and To Do's

Next Meeting April 12 at 6:30pm (no Vivian)


Minutes submitted by Kirsten Sauey Hofmann

January 11, 2021 Agenda 



Our Purpose and Goals

Land Acknowledgement (see below)

1.Volunteer to Provide Land Acknowledgements—Diana

2. Volunteer(s) to take notes on a regular basis--Vivian

Summary of reports

Record of Decisions 

3. Schedule Second Viewing of “Healing Justice”--Rick

4. Task Force on Racial Equity in Local Public Schools--Rick

5. Report on Implicit Bias and Systemic Racism Training--Lynn Carlson and all Trainers 

Brainstorm on organizations to approach 

6. Communication for RE&SJ--Vivian

Website - Durga 


Brochures, etc. 

7. Supporting the Governor's Commission on African American Affairs--Chaune Fitzgerald



        Review Commitments and To Do's

        Next Meeting February 8 at 6:30pm 

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