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It is clear by the thousands of Tri-cities residents who made their voices heard, across all facets of identity,

that we are saying “NO MORE”! To live out the truth of Black Lives Matter, we are asking mayors, council

members, police departments, and city staff to utilize their power for change with the following actions:

1. Acknowledge that racism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy exists in the history and present

reality of our Tri-cities communities and take an active role in anti-racism.

2. Participate in on-going community conversations in a safe space that allows all voices to be heard

and understood so that solutions and long-term change can be collaboratively implemented.

3.  Support Police by reforming policing, by police departments answering direct questions on use of

force, misconduct, and discrimination, and be accountable for a shared goal of establishing racial


4. Commit to community policing to repair division and build trust between citizens and officers.

5. Reallocate a significant proportion of police funds to provide access and resources to drug addiction,

behavioral health, education, mental health, housing, and employment in order to invest in our


6. Establish an ongoing commission of diverse citizen advisors who have independent accountability, to

perform an equity audit of all laws, policies, city codes, and ordinances with the specific goal of

dismantling racial inequality.

7. Publish disaggregated data within all facets of municipal organization to identify where opportunities

exist to incorporate black leadership.

8. Reconfigure electoral boundaries and reform legislative districts that support gerrymandering by not

including electoral representation of diverse communities.

Our Offerings

Come engage with other community partners about local efforts and find out how you can become involved at your desired level of commitment. 

Our Mission

Bringing together stake holders in community to create, enhance, and advocate for historically minoritized populations.  Our first focus and priority is on racial equity and social justice. 

  • Educate ourselves and others

  • Respond to incidents of injustice and racism 

  • Proactively address systems of unfairness and oppression 

Our Team

Richard Matters


Vivian Terrell

Business Leader 

Noemi Sanchez

Community Worker at Columbia Legal Services

Rick Matters

Rick serves as pastor at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Kennewick. In addition to his work through the RE&SJ Coalition, he serves on a number of activist groups in Spokane, including on SCAR (Spokane Community Against Racism), SJS (Smart Justice Spokane), the Racial Equity Committee for the Spokane Public School, and the Executive Committee of the Spokane Branch of the NAACP. Rick also participates in a number of antiracism training programs, including our own RE&SJ team of trainers. 

Vivian Terrell 

Area Business Leader
Owner of
The Honey Baked Ham Company
which is a premium food retailer known for the most flavorful hand-glazed Hams and Turkey Breasts, as well as signature lunches, heat-and-serve side dishes, decadent desserts, and more. 

Noemi Sanchez

Noemi is an attorney with Columbia Legal Services, a statewide non-profit organization that advocates for laws that advance social, economic, and racial equity for people living in poverty. 


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